Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Big Event

Just wanted to post a quick update full of pictures from the first big event of the semester-- the BBQ and Mashup Madness social. The first two pictures are from the BBQ, which replaced dinner. You can see students piling their plates (and faces) with hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs and ice cream! Needless to say, a wonderful time was had by all. In the evening, students were invited to wear the most creatively mismatched outfits they could come up with, and meet in the Union for a night of Mashup Madness. The social was short and sweet, running from 2100 until 2300hrs (pretty tame, so everyone made it to class this morning!), and the students' clothes were the source of many laughs throughout the evening. Two pictures of the fun can be seen below.

The first few blog posts have been focused on showing how the students are adjusting to life at sea, as well as some of the things (like the BBQ and social) that the staff have organized to help ensure their social needs are served as well as their academic ones. In the coming days before the ship reaches the first port in Cadiz, Spain, the focus will shift a bit to look at some of the other aspects of ship life including academics. 


  1. So SAS parents are we all feeling really proud of all are young ladies and gentlemen? I am and the almost daily emails and text from KFH keep the entire family and the 3rd grade class of CCDS (Cincinnati) well informed. Continue to have a great voyage.


  2. The party looks like it was a blast,
    And I was glad to see that everyone made it to class the next morning.
    Spain enjoy good food, good wine, and a wonderful country.

  3. Hey everyone!!!! Witht he help of a friend who lives near Cadiz, Ive found a webcam of the port in Cadiz and Im PRETTY sure I am on the SAS boat...wooohooooo!!!It seems to be changing where it is filming from- different angles,etc... but I managed to grab the picture that pretty much looks to be theirs... Could someone else check..Ive counted windows, looked where the big round SAS emblem is, where the lifeboats are, etc etc to be as sure as I can be, but want someone else to verify before I completely get excited!!??? Please email me at and Ill send you the picture!!! the webcam adderess is:

  4. an even easier way to see it..but ya have to look fast if you are trying to match up windows,emblems and life boats!!!!!!!!

  5. It's great looking at all the pictures! I was so excited to see my daughter (yellow bikini top) in the mashup madness photo! Wish I was with her!!!