Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Crew Talent Show

Last night, the entire shipboard community was treated to what has become one of the most popular events to take place during a Semester at Sea voyage. The crew talent show is a unique opportunity to showcase a portion of our community that is vital, and yet often overlooked. The crew, who direct, run and maintain the MV Explorer, work around the clock ensure that all of the faculty, staff and students reach each port happy, healthy and safe. And there job is not easy; the ship is a a 24,000-ton, state-of-the-art passenger ship, and essentially a self-contained, floating community. Most of the crew have been sailing with Semester at Sea for years, and truly love the unique experience of working in an academic environment, rather than a luxury cruise. They are as diverse as they are experienced, coming from 23 different countries.
To top it all off, they are very talented. The crowd that packed out the sixth deck Union was treated to a variety of acts, including juggling, singing, dancing and even a couple of comedy routines. Below is one of the acts, and below it the finale, which had plenty of audience participation by the end.

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