Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from everyone aboard the MV Explorer! This evening was an eventful one for the community. While many of the students wore their costumes all day, after dinner everyone was completely decked out in festive attire. Some students were clad in traditional garb from some of the countries the ship stopped in earlier on, while others used a little creativity to design some amazing costumes from scratch. They weren't the only ones getting in on the fun; many of the faculty and staff also dressed up, and the small children on board put on their Halloween costumes and Trick or Treated around the ship. Later on there was a Halloween party and costume contest. Before the contest began, a few of students had quite a surprise in store for everyone, and danced Micheal Jackson's "Thriller" in front of a enthusiastic crowd of zombies, movie stars and action figures. Luckily, the whole performance was captured, and is embedded below.

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