Thursday, December 10, 2009

Celebrate Service

Service and Semester at Sea go hand-in-hand. For the historic 100th voyage, SAS focused on the $100 Solution. This service-learning project was headed up by Dr. Bernie Strenecky along with the help of Dr. Bridget LeLoup. They led a group of students in a series of service projects that sought to create noticeable change with $100. In Ghana, $100 bought and installed ceiling fans in an elementary school. In Vietnam, the money bought bunk beds for a children's orphanage.All total, the Fall 2009 voyage devoted 6,320 hours of service. According to UN calculations, the students contributed $316,000 in service.
"This is going to be the ship that carries hope," Strenecky said. "When the ship shows up, people with get excited. They'll say, 'This ship carries people who care.'"

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