Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Going once... going twice... sold!

One of the traditions that happens every voyage on Semester at Sea is the auction to benefit the Annual Fund endowment. The endowment is used mainly to provide students with financial assistance through scholarships, but it is also used to support student clubs, class projects, field experiences and other things that make each voyage complete. Items are donated, and then bid on by the entire shipboard community. Since this is the 100th Voyage, the goal is 100 percent participation, whether it comes through bidding or a small donation. Also, a large number of community members were donors; over 124 people donated things to be auctioned.
Despite the fact that the Fall 2009 has roughly 200 less students than most other voyages, the results of the auction, which was split into silent and live portions, were very impressive. The silent auction, which offered everything from candy baskets to homestays in Colorado, raised $12,006. The live auction, which offer 25 different items, raised $21,515 for the endowment. Below is a list of some of the items auctioned, and their final price. It really shows the generosity of this community, both in donated these wonderful items, and in bidding on them. To make a donation, please go to

  • Dress up as the Captain of the MV Explorer: $50
  • Paris 6 night Homestay: $1900
  • Two tickets to the Kentucky Derby, and Weekend Homestay: $725
  • Dr. Dave's Bedtime Stories: $175
  • Duke University Basketball Package: $900

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  1. My daughter, Ali Krosche, got 4 tickets to Hershey Park for $130!!!!!