Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Itinerary Change Clarification

The Fall 2009 voyage has been remarkably smooth, but recently some small changes were made to the remaining itinerary to ensure the safety of everyone participating in this wonderful journey. On the original schedule, the MV Explorer was to leave Hilo on Dec. 7, and spend six days at sea before arriving in San Diego on the 14th. However, due to expected storms in the waters near the ship's original path, the captain, ISE and the deans came to the decision to avoid the storm all together by returning to Honolulu for an additional day before returning. This way the ship and its passengers were not in any danger, and remain safe during finals prep. Right now, all of the students are back on board safe a "gift day" in Honolulu. While the ship is not expected to leave the port in Honolulu before noon on Dec. 9, the students will not be let off the ship due to the first day of final exams. The delay in leaving Hawaii is not expected to affect the ship's arrival date or time into San Diego. Please follow the Fall 2009 voyage on Twitter and Facebook for additional updates.

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